Techcom Information Corp. was established in November 9, 1991, we specialize in market research, public opinion surveys, data processing, statistical analysis, marketing planning and services, we have 300 seats WebCATI direct marketing systems and CTI systems, since 1991 , in the opinion polls, market research, industry analysis and marketing plan has more than 500 or more, and performance are summarized as follows:

2011 The 13th President of the Republic of China province's election telephone survey
2011 For a well-known brands in small appliances and brand research studies consumer behavior
2011 Skin care products for a well-known companies VIP customer satisfaction telephone survey
2011 Foundation for the metabolic syndrome prevention and treatment of a public telephone survey effective advocacy
2011 Information for a key industry association for research
2011 Business owners for a communications network telephone survey of solid-state consumption
2011 For a unit to assist the National Defense Education Telephone Survey
2011 To assist women in an institution, the results of incubation studies investigating the effectiveness of class
2011 To assist a political party candidate for president telephone survey
2011 Associations to assist a "drug harm-reduction measures of" survey
2011 To help business owners of a chain of survey meter measurement statistics
2011 Activities of an advertising company to help arrange and host sweepstakes
2011 Voice for the New Year with a legislator poll
2011 Job Bank for a job search behavior for youth
2011 Treatment for end stage renal failure mode of health education
2011 Franchisees for the convenience stores to do research and analysis of opinion surveys
2011 Executive mayor of the town of Nantou County Tsaotun election results hit again
2010 Media poll numbers that show the closest results Yan, proximity surprising!
2010 Taiwan, a major corporate Human Resources Job Bank survey project
2010 A major media magazines to help large IT project survey
2010 Five are the major media to assist the election poll
2010 Ministry of Education, 99 year program of cooperation with the Industrial Park
2010 TV news executive for a large telephone voice Taichung mayoral election polls.
2010 Health Service Executive for a public telephone service satisfaction survey.
2010 Five are election candidates to campaign execution telephony campaign.
2010 Performs the primary candidate for Kaohsiung City Council's telephone voice opinion polls.
2010 Performs the mayor of Tainan City, Kaohsiung City and major party primaries telephony polls.
2010 To Yingge Town "town nursery" opening ceremony of the opening, telephone voice publicity.
2010 Implementation for a biscuit snack food industry research surveys.
2010 For a food industry drink taste tests to execute research surveys.
2010 Implementation for a discount store shopping consumer research surveys.
2010 For a snack food industry who perform product research and consumer surveys.
2009 Taipei County Government continues to animal disease control campaign conducted by telephone voice.
2009 Erlin Changhua County for the election of the mayor, the implementation of telephone polls.
2009 A consultant for the IT industry, equipment management company the use of the network survey
2009 Implementation of the Chinese Culture University, 95-97 years of e-training performance assessment survey
2009 Department of Defense set up the telephone survey data collection / Internet survey / poll of voice training
2009 Yingge Township, Taipei County held "hit the truck tour Yingge" campaign of telephone voice
2009 Continued for a tobacco cigarette manufacturers to help test pumping of new products
2009 FamilyMart brand related to the implementation of Internet survey
2008 Men's fashion brand for the implementation of a telephone survey was conducted
2008 Health Promotion for the implementation of Songshan Songshan health of residents living survey
2008 For the B & Q home improvement implementation Rite satisfaction survey
2008 For the implementation of a media "news / drama effective Internet survey ratings."
2008 Media for a media executive elevator advertising effectiveness survey
2008 Farmers for a new product concept and product surveys try to eat
2008 For the construction of 30 seats Oriental Institute of Technology and Marketing Research Center telephone survey
2007 Days to more than legislators, Ting Shou-chung and John Chiang telephony campaign planning and implementation.
2007 To help the mentally ill and a pharmaceutical physician survey of drug research
2007 Chinese Culture University for the training effectiveness of the Ministry of Education Survey
2007 Ministry of Economic Affairs Division business e-training of the business survey
2007 By-election for the mayor of the town of Yingge, to campaign Cuipiao perform telephony activities
2007 Provide Shihlin Market into the risk of research (CLT, DP)
2007 Vehicle Engineering, Taipei University of Technology offers parents advice on-line survey
2007 Vehicle Engineering, Taipei University of Technology Graduates Survey to provide
2007 Vehicle Engineering, Taipei University of Technology offers online alumni employment survey
2007 Vehicle Engineering, Taipei University of Technology provides education assessment online survey
2007 Planning for a mobile phone companies with online surveys and newsletter publishing and SMS notification
2007 Chungho media company for the construction of a 12 seats call center access
2006 Depot for a new vehicle to assist the market research.
2006 Cigarette manufacturers for a cigarette to help test pumping of new products.
2006 And City Hall to perform in the political wind live 1995 survey.
2006 Constructed for the Formosa University Center computer-assisted telephone interviews.
2006 Research for a company accustomed to chewing gum to help research studies
2006 Drugs for a pharmaceutical research to assist (Dyslipidemia prescriptions)
2006 A poll for the construction of 42 seats on the company telephone system.
2006 For a legislator, into the Taipei mayoral elections, to help telemarketing.
2005 Test ride for the Honda accord activities to help database processing and analysis.
2005 To construct a natural gas company telephone voice notification system.
2005 Members planning for the Taipei County election opinion polls.
2005 International companies for the construction of a telephone marketing of financial systems.
2005 Internet research company for the construction of a survey system online.
2004 Consumption for the construction of the actual state of Kao eDP cross-network instant online system.
2004 A legislator in Taipei City, into the legislative elections, to help telemarketing.
2004 HONDA car for the continued implementation of promotional activities.
2004 For the construction of Da-Yeh University Center CATI telephone interviews.
2004 Introduction of vegetable oil for a food company, to do telemarketing.
2003 Radio listening figures for a survey.
2003 SARS crisis, changes in consumer behavior survey.
2003 Mobile sources to improve the implementation of Taipei investigation.
2003 Investigate the implementation of the province's mobile sources and stationary sources of pollution sources investigation and construction engineering survey
2002 Itabashi for a bank branch and the North London branch of marketing planning services.
2002 Taipei University of Technology for the construction of customer relationship management research center. (Including industry analysis, market research, product marketing, etc.)
2002 Farmers will be planning for a marketing service system.
2002 For the National Health Insurance Bureau of National Health Insurance IC card implementation of the program, planning public opinion survey.
2002 A city council members for the implementation of Beitou incinerator back gold way to implement regional planning public opinion survey.
2002 For the town of Mino "the revitalization of local cultural industries and community building."
2001 to 2002 Taipei City Council Members for the telephony survey planning.
2001 Hsinchu County, Changhua County, Tainan County, Pingtung County, the Environmental Protection Agency plans telephony propaganda and public opinion polls.
2001 For the CTS variety show "Happy Friday" to reflect the contents of the implementation of public opinion surveys.
2001 Planning for the Taipei Public Library book Voice automated reminder notification system.
2001 TECO inverter air-conditioning plan for the call center promotions.
2001 ESSO oil consumption for the solid-state investigation.
2001 Kaohsiung City legislators to help run a program.
2001 Members of a legislative candidate in Taipei City, into the legislative elections, to help telemarketing.
2001 Investigate whether nuclear power plant for a cessation of political parties and presidential elections and other executive opinion survey.
2001 For a political party within the party primaries, Taipei County officials to assist in telephone surveys.
2000 to 2001 Taipei City than in the long-planned administrative services such as public opinion polls
1996 and 2000 For a motorcycle manufacturer, planning promotional activities and motorcycle owners satisfaction / importance Survey.
2000 Planning "e Gas' transmission system safety, security transmitter of new products to market before the market research.
1999 For a Society / Foundation, telephone marketing and survey planning system.
1996 Business plan for a new listing of promotional activities.
1996 to 1999 School planning documents for the police file archiving CD-ROM file storage management system.
1997 Taipei Hsien district Jieshou market survey.
1997 As tenderness tissues, toilet paper distribution investigation.
1996 Distribution survey done for the analysis of 555 cigarettes.
1995 to 1996 BRAND'S Essence of Chicken for the investigation of advertising effectiveness.
1995 to 1998 Planning officer for the police school enrollment application and voice Chabang operations.
1995 Insurance companies plan for the overseas telephone etiquette detection survey.
1992 to 1999 For the TOYOTA car advertising effectiveness survey.
1992 to 2006 As "Kao" analysis of solid-state consumers, including: hair products, laundry products, skin cleansing products, maintenance supplies, home cleaning supplies, sanitary napkins and diapers, and so on.

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